February 13, 2011

Punishments Handed Down; Chris Feature; New Episode Sunday

When I thought about what the NHL would hand down as punishments to the Isles and Pens for the events on Friday night, I was expecting the worst.

I figured Trevor Gillies was going to get 11 games, Matt Martin six, and Konopka one. I expected Eric Godard to get his mandated 10, plus one for being a 3rd man in. I didn't really figure many suspension would come from the Penguins side, honestly.

I was a little off on my guesses. The NHL didn't go to the extreme I thought they would. Gillies got nine games, while Martin got four. Konopka didn't get anything, which means it's safe to assume that the league didn't see any evidence of anything wrong with any of his shifts. Earlier I pointed out that it was going to be tough to prove, and that was most likely the case - as it usually is.

I figured the Isles would get fined too, but was thinking more of $250K - $500K. That may sound excessive, but when I have Bob McKenzie of TSN telling me to expect the league to come down hard, this is what I am anticipating. The fact that the Isles were only fined $100K is no big deal.

Gillies elbow injured Tagradi. Photo by C. Hessel

All in all, the punishments fit their crimes. Max Talbot got away with trying to hurt Blake Comeau last week, and Matt Martin sucker punched him to remind him of what he did and was attempting to injure him. Gillies elbowed Eric Tangradi in the head just moments after he gave Jack Hillen a concussion after running him into the boards. Disappointed that Tangradi got off free, but like I said the Isles did what they had to do to step up for all of the players that the Pens have injured/attempted to injure for the last couple of weeks.

We'll see what kid of effect this has on the team now as far as who gets a chance. Gillies was in and out of the line-up anyway, battling Rob Schremp for time. Schremp now gets to return, while Micheal Haley gets to stay in the line-up to keep some of that toughness there. To be honest, the fact that he gets nothing is excellent in the sense that he was perhaps the best "performer of the show," if you will. His fight with Craig Adams was a decisive win that I haven't seen by an Isles player in quite some time. His goal was also a thing of beauty as he showed that he can actually play the game too.

The Isles need to keep their solid play going though and continue their statements with a strong game Sunday in Buffalo.

HESSEL FEATURE: I want to take the opportunity to welcome some of you newcomers who have found you're way over to NYI FYI. It's not the most exciting site in the world, but that's something that I intend to change over time. I hope you enjoy what you see though, and continue to join us. We have a number of links for various things we do, so please check those out as well. I promise some of them are more exciting looking!

For those of you unaware, the Islanders did a feature on me and NYI FYI recently. They posted it on their site today when many fans were looking for highlights and news from Friday's excitement. The amount of people that have clicked on to the site in the past day it outstanding.

Andrew LeRay of the Isles wrote a great piece, and to be quite honest with you I'm flattered. I'm very appreciative to the Isles for giving us the unique opportunity to be a part of the media, and we hope it's something we can continue to do year after year. Of course, we're both very appreciative to you friends/fans who are following us. We're really enjoying this, and glad to see how many of you seem to enjoy it as well. We're excited about all we've done to make this more fan-oriented, and it seems to be paying off.

So once again, thanks to all of you, and join us in welcoming all of the new readers and listeners!

NYI FYI, 11 AM SUNDAY: Speaking of listeners, I'm sure many people are interested in the unique item we provide in addition to the blog - our radio show and podcast.

Every Sunday, Sean Croft and I get together and record a show. We recently added UStream to our repertoire, which brought a live element back to our show that we lost upon leaving C.W. Post. We do the show at 11 AM, and the way to access us live is to watch right here on our UStream page. There's a chat room component that goes along with it, and folks have been leaving comments or questions that we'll answer at some point on the show.

Immediately after we complete a show - which can be at any time as there is no time restriction - the show will be placed in the archives on UStream, and we also upload an audio copy to our My Podcast site for those who prefer to listen on their MP3 players.

Remember to join us at 11 AM as we talk about A LOT of items and hopefully have fan responses to read.

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Unknown said...

What I can't understand is, "How did the Penguins not face a fine or suspension, other than Godard"? The Pens were making runs at our players during the game, perpetuating the problem (i.e. Talbot hitting Grabner into the goal). Also, I am getting tired of the Isles being penalized for goalie interference when they are getting hit into the opposing goalie!!!!