February 27, 2011

NYI FYI Trade Deadline Eve Chat

9:43 PM - Thanks to all of you who participated in the chat! It actually went much better than I anticipated. More importantly, you didn't have to suffer any of my usual issues with technology. That's always a plus.

For those of you who missed it, feel free to watch the replay below. We covered topics surrounding the trade deadline mostly, with also some questions about the goaltending situation, the future of the franchise and the UFA period. Some great stuff in there.

For those who missed our show live on Sunday afternoon, you can find it on our UStream or MyPodcast sites. We touched upon some of the same stuff that was mentioned during the chat, but also covered a variety of other topics that didn't come up in the chat.

Tomorrow we'll have some kind of a running blog post up seeing as that works better for the both of us, unfortunately. But the plan is to offer some thoughts on deals that are made all around the league, for what they're worth.

Again, thanks to all! Enjoy!


5:30 - Edit: I realize I have never done one of these before, so it's a little new to me. Hopefully there won't be any issues, but if there are just hang tight with me.

I know it's on short notice, but I figure I'll try setting one of these up. I know Sean did a couple in the past that have been successful, so why not?

Sunday's are generally not good for things like this, and I know tonight is busy between award shows and other sports, but I figure what the heck. We'll see what happens.

Whatever you guys want to talk about, we can. Not just Isles notes, but around the NHL as well.


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