October 7, 2008

Isles Mauled by Panthers

Rick DiPietro had hoped to come out in in his game since March flying. Unfortunately, it didn't happen the way he envisioned.

DiPietro gave up 6 goals as the Panthers blanked the Isles 6-0. Most of the Islander regulars were in as far as in net and on offence, however the defense was no where near the one that will be there on opening night. Mark Streit, Brendan Witt and Radek Martinek were all out of the lineup.

One really can't get upset at the result of this game. It was DiPietro's first game since mid-March, and although he had been practicing it just isn't the same. It will be interesting to see how the Islanders decide to start the season now. I would think the team wants to start him for the back to back games starting the season, but can DiPietro really do that? Is he really in a condition to do that? Those are questions he has to answer.

I can't imagine the Islanders would start Joey MacDonald in the first game of the year just so Dipietro could start the home opener. I also don't see how the team could want to start MacDonald in the home opener. My thoughts are to just take it day by day. If DP is ready to go Friday in New Jersey, then he goes. Monitor his game, see how he feels after. Keep an eye on his status throughout the night and after the trip back to Long Island, see if he is ready to take on the Blues. Personally, if DiPietro plays both games to start the year then I would like to see the Isles put MacDonald in for at least the next game, perhaps even the next two games. We'll see how it all plays out. Hopefully DP doesn't make any dumb decisions on risking injury so early in the year.

Speaking of injuries, defenseman Chris Lee was injured last night and taken off the ice on a stretcher. The team had released a statement last night that he was conscious at the hospital and doing well. Lee was released from the hospital this morning and cleared to return to practice for the team. Good to hear as always.

The Isles are now done with the preseason and will be finalizing their roster soon for the start of the season on Friday. I am anxious to see who they decide to keep and who to cut. Check back later for analysis on who is staying and who is going.

Podcats for 10/5 Up: The podcast is now uplodaed here for those who didn't get to listen live to our season primiere on Sunday. I'd like to thank those who submitted questions for us to dissect and hope you continue to do so all season long.



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