June 18, 2008

Yashin Coming Back? I Doubt It

So, we all got a bit of a scare this past weekend in Newsday when Greg Logan had an article about the possibility of Yashin possibly coming back for a 2nd stint with the team next season. Even the title on the back page brought panic. However, the wording on the back cover was poor as the team was never quoted as saying they are looking to bring back Yashin.

Personally, we all know the Yashin ship has sailed. The Islanders would NEVER bring him back. Even they know that it would not resonate very well with the fanbase. Just as I had suspected from the very beginning, the whole thing was started by the one and only, Yashin's agent Mark Gandler.

Gandler further proved to me how he is all about the money, and instead of talking about how much Yashin enjoyed his time here (which Yashin did as he has stated himself numerous times), Gandler was more concerned with letting everyone know that he has set his price and the Islanders are aware of it. I'd like to venture a guess that they laughed at it, too. I know I would if I were Garth Snow.

Now it is possible that Yashin could be brought in as a last resort in the event that the Isles strike out in the free agent market. Although they missed out on many people last year, they still were able to manage to get Mike Comrie and Bill Guerin here. So, it is very possible that the team could sign a center like Brendan Morrison before they have to even think about considering Yashin again.

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This is Yashin. I look forward to come back to Long Island and continue my career as an Islanders. We're all Islanders!