September 6, 2007

Dunham in as Islanders Goaltending Coach?

According to Corey Witt's new Islanders blog, former Islander backup goalie Mike Dunham might be named the new goaltending coach for the team. Dunham recently retired from the Isles and still lives on long Island, according to Witt.

I'm not sure what happened to Gilles Lefebvre, but last season DiPietro seemed to play very well under him. I think this will be another move that needs some time to get used to, but in reality it probably is no big deal. The fact of the matter is though that it will be the 3rd goaltending coach in as many seasons for the team. I just hope Rick doesn't fall somewhere down the line each season working with a new coach. Something tells me though that Dunham might be here for much longer than one season.

This is not official yet, but it is expected to be announced in the near future.

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