July 3, 2007

NYI Trading with the Western Conference?

News has been circling NHL sites claiming that the New York Islanders have potentially struck a deal with a western conference team. Supposedly, the deal is major and should go down if the player waives his no trade clause. Some say it is Marleau, whether he has a NTC or not isn't known to me yet. I'll check on that. Chris and I believe it may be Ed Jovanovski of the Phoenix Coyotes. He would be an upgrade over Poti and would certainly be essential if we can not land Souray. There has been a lot of speculation as to whether or not he will be here. Initial reports say yes, new reports say no. Islander Country would welcome a trade, unless Kyle Okposo is involved. I would dare say that he is probably the trade bait, and if he is dealt away, Isles Country will be in a frenzy.

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